Our Mission

To help all people believe there are only good (skin) days ahead.

It’s a bold, incredibly rewarding mission that our diverse team is dedicated to achieving.

Soko Glam believes that skin care is a personal journey and we are passionate about helping all people believe there are Only Good (Skin) Days Ahead®. Empowering people with the knowledge they need to have confidence in their skin will always be the most rewarding part about starting Soko Glam.

Come join us as we take on new and exciting challenges focused on delivering a transformative experience through Best-in-Class service!

Our Values
Our company values are attributes that we expect in potential and current team members. Our values determine all people-focused decisions: who gets hired, rewarded, or released. And finally, Our values are non-negotiable. Every single person needs to embody and protect these values or our mission becomes harder to achieve!

- Effectiveness
- Communication
- Honesty
- Ownership
- Selflessness


Recruitment Process
We believe that selecting talent is a mutual process. Our interview process was designed to promote and build genuine connections, ensuring that we find talent that is a match for our needs and that we provide every candidate with the opportunity to discover if we are right for them.

Candidates will meet with multiple team-members during the interview process that may include supervisors, senior leaders, people operations, cross-collaborative business partners, and direct reports. During the interview process, candidates can expect a two-way conversation that focuses on role related knowledge, leadership ability, and our established company values: effectiveness, communication, honesty, ownership, and selflessness.

We believe that on-boarding has a major impact on team member engagement - it acclimates team members to their role, the company’s philosophies, and what the company has to offer. At Soko Glam, on-boarding is a formal three day experience in which new hires get to know our culture, spend 1:1 time with their supervisor, attend a full day of training dedicated to learning and understanding why we obsess over our customers. On-boarding continues with 30, 60 and 90 day pulse checks with our People Operations Team.

Culture is a shared set of beliefs, values and practices. Whether we plan it or not, culture will happen. We believe culture is about intentionally creating a positive environment and experience for our people that impacts the experience we want to provide to our customers.

We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and inspiring environment for team members to deliver a transformative experience through Best-in-Class service.

Recently, we’ve created A Culture Code that talks about what we do but more importantly, explains why we do it and who we are. We believe by sharing the following guiding principles from our Culture Code, you will begin to discover if we’re the right company for your career next steps!

- OUR PEOPLE: We are unreasonably selective about our people and consider ourselves a pro sports team.
- OUR CUSTOMERS: We obsess over our customers.
- OUR PHILOSOPHY: We work very hard and learn a lot along the way!
- HOW WE OPERATE: We are extraordinary candid with each other and always default to transparency.
- FUTURE FOCUSED: We have a relentless focus on driving results that shape our future.

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

  • 401K Program

  • Generous Paid Time Off

  • Parental Leave

  • Health & Wellness Benefit

  • Work From Anywhere (Dec 2021)

  • Diego Leal

    Associate Manager, Supply Chain Operations

    “ My favorite part of working at Soko Glam is the feeling that we are one team. Our mission to provide every customer with only good (skin) days ahead is embedded across out culture, which makes it easy to work collaboratively! ”

  • Eunyoung Hwang

    Senior Manager, Business Development & Merchandising

    “ I am so grateful to work alongside creative and supportive people who always motivate each other to bring our community together with best-in-class curations & purpose to achieve only good (skin) days ahead! ”

  • Talia Weisner

    Manager, Marketing

    “ The best part about working at Soko Glam (aside from the skin care of course!!!) is the people. I love working alongside such a smart, creative, motivated and kind team. ”